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Hey there gang.  John here and I’m back with a post that was very fun to write.  I’m about to go deep on some things I was reminded of at a recent Continuing ed seminar with Perform Better and got me to reflect on what it’s all about to being a fitness coach, living an inspired life and sharing that with others.  I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

This past Saturday the entire Fast Action Training Team and I (yep, all 10 of us) went to a phenomenal conference with some amazing presenters.  Martin Rooney of Training for Warriors and Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10 stuck out in my mind because they went deep…real deep.  What follows are some excerpts/quotes from both of them (paraphrased as I was typing like a madman) and my ideas and thoughts about these statements.

Martin Rooney:

“Don’t make people tired, make people better!”

In the day and age of high intensity this was great to hear.  And while we love watching you sweat, guiding you through workouts and progressing you in your exercise regimen it’s not all about kickass workouts.  And to be honest, that is not our role as a Fitness Coach.  A TRUE Fitness Coach not only supplies you with great workouts, appropriate modifications/regressions/progressions but also coaches you to greatness.  At F.A.T. we believe this deep down to our soul.  Whether it’s form correction, technique, goal setting, lifestyle and behavior modification strategies or anything else that encompasses your health, your fitness and honestly….your life, we’re all in.  Every day you step through our doors you should leave just 1% better than when you came in.

“It’s not just about the impact you make on people’s lives but how you might inspire THEM to make a difference in the world and make an impact!!”

I loved this one because it takes our Inspire One mission to the next level.  One of the cornerstones of the Fast Action Training philosophy is that to truly create the impact we want to create in the world, to truly fulfill our vision of a world where obesity is on the decline…that we need help.  And this is where our members come in.  At F.A.T. our goal is simple: To provide world class fitness training, the tools you need to be successful and to coach you to achieving your goals and embracing an active and healthy lifestyle forever.   Once we help you achieve this, we ask you to help us achieve our vision and “Inspire One” other person to also achieve their health and fitness goals.  Slowly but surely we change the world.

Now, take it a step further like Rooney suggests….what if the person YOU inspire transforms their life?  What if they transform their thinking?  What if they ultimately follow a passion, pursue their dreams and create a HUGE impact in the world?  YOU could be responsible for that.

And all you have to do is “Inspire One.”

This made me realize the depth of what it is we can provide at F.A.T.  Yes, our expertise is in body transformation but I want our impact to help transform the Minds, Hearts and Lives of those we get to touch.  Just imagine the possibilities! (I just got the chills. :-)

“SERVE. You’ll be measured not by what you got, but by what you gave.”

So true.  Just a great reminder to always be looking for opportunities to serve and help others.  Trust me, it’s good karma and it’s what life is all about. :-)

Ok, on to Todd Durkin

“What are the DREAMS of our clients? What do they want to do? Purpose, goals, legacy, etc.”

Wow!  I feel like I know the goals of most if not all of our clients at Fast Action Training….but your purpose, your dreams, the legacy you want to leave, the impact you want to create??? I would LOVE to know all of that.  And how powerful!  I am a firm believer that when you “get your mind right” (another Toddism), stay positive and embrace an active and healthy lifestyle that it truly permeates to ALL other areas of your life.  You seek solutions and see opportunities rather than problems and obstacles.  You are healthier, happier and more positive so relationships with family, friends and loved ones improve as does communication.  Self confidence, self esteem and willpower increase and you tackle things you never thought possible….and you achieve them.  (More great info on this from a colleague on all around great guy, Brent Gallagher and his book “Purpose.” Go check it out.)

“Motivation is in your HEAD, Inspiration is in your HEART. Connect the two with your HUNGER for change and make it happen.”

Holy smokes this might have to become a new daily mantra I read aloud to myself on a daily basis.  I’m getting fired up just reading it again as I write it!  At F.A.T. we motivate daily and we live to inspire you to greatness and to achieve your goals….but the HUNGER has got to come from within.  You need to have a deep, burning desire to change.  And as your own personal motivation and inspiration grow along with your hunger for change absolutely NOTHING can stand in your way.  You will truly become a force to be reckoned with and the change you create in your personal life and in the world will be nothing short of amazing.

Apply these principles and let’s continue to change the world and make it a more fit, healthy and positive place, one person at a time.

Special thanks to Martin and Todd for an incredible weekend and for continuing to lead from the front.

Much love.

Dedicated to your success,

John Heringer


  1. Lori Marshall on said:

    Thanks John! Needed this motivation. I was still recovering from my ankle surgery when I got into a bad car accident with multiple injuries which is all but ZEROING out all the changes/progress that I had made with F.A.T.
    This post got me fired up to not lose hope and to keep the hunger so that when I am able to return to ANY kind of workouts, I will be motivated and READY.
    Thanks man! 😉

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Lori, that’s what I’m talking about sister! Stay at it and keep your thoughts positive! Can’t wait to see you! Cheers.

  2. Karen Fillmore on said:

    Great message John. I am very involved with Lions Clubs International, the largest non profit organization of men and women in the world in over 207 Countries. I will be District Governor of our District next year which has 44 clubs with a total of 1250 men and women. My theme is “Building Hope in Our Communities and Around the World”. Our Lions clubs over all motto is “We Serve”. Check us out at

    I definitely think making a difference in the world and helping others to do the same is a mission goal of mine.
    I love your attitude about health and fitness and am inspired to keep moving forward. Thanks for all you are doing to help make change in peoples lives.

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Karen that is awesome and I will definitely check it out. Thank you for the kind words and it’s a pleasure to have you as part of the F.A.T. family helping us change the world. :-)

  3. Lisa Rice on said:

    Loving this post. Especially the Inspire One section. Some people think I am crazy because I am so into my tri team, Team Challenge. I get emotional when I speak at info meetings because the team has inspired me so deeply. And now as a mentor I am blessed to inspire others. It warms my heart when those I mentor tell me they could not have done it without me. I literally have tears coming to my eyes as I think about this. Yes, I’m a big sap. Thanks for your awesome post and all you do.

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Lisa glad you enjoyed it. And I totally understand where you’re coming from. So happy and proud of your accomplishments as a mentor. It’s what it’s all about! :-)

  4. Bernadette Stump on said:

    Thank you for the inspiring words. You definitely got me thinking I could do a little more to improve my fitness and reach my personal goals.

  5. I agree, my commitment to my health has made a difference in other aspects in my life. Setting and keeping a routine and following through with the discipline showed in my results.

    I love the support of the F.A.T. community and was thinking about this morning how we don’t have prima donnas nor chest pounders. We are surrounded by focused individuals who just want to better themselves.

    At Keller Williams Realty we also give back to our community which feels good knowing we make a difference.

    I strive to live an inspired life and if in anyway that trickles down to those I’ve touched it would make pushing just that much more all the worth while.

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Terri, you got it. I also totally agree about our community….what an amazing group of people we have coming to F.A.T. Very excited that KWR also gives back and aligns with your own core values, great feeling when you can tie those values to your profession. Thanks for all that you do.

  6. John N. Heringer on said:


    You are a true inspriation! Even to your Dad!
    Good luck to F.A.T. in your “Inspire One” and other goals this year!

    • John Heringer on said:

      Thanks Dad!!! You’re still my biggest mentor and role model…just trying to follow in your footsteps. :-)

  7. Sharon Miller on said:

    BRAVO! Fat People!!! We need your knowledge , enthusiasm, support, and smiles!….

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Armando, thanks!! Glad it got you fired up and keep running and gunning and making a difference buddy!

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