San Jose Personal Trainer Success Story- Norm B

Member Norm Bautista came to Fast Action Training in January of 2013 with a problem.  He had been letting himself go and had been watching his weight climb higher and higher with no end in sight.  Lethargy, poor eating habits and virtually no exercise would be tough hurdles for Norm to overcome but he was willing to try.  He started with one of our 6 week Body Transformation Challenges and never looked back.

Now over 50 lbs lighter, and 24+ inches down, Norm is a healthier, happier new version of himself. :-)  So what happened?  What led to such amazing success?

Working a system provided by F.A.T., having a team of educated, motivational trainers to guide him and hold him accountable and of course, the awesome support, mutual accountability and camaraderie of the F.A.T. community.  Norm has completely transformed his body, his eating habits, his own personal motivation and ultimately his life.

The confidence he has gained in himself has been incredible and all of the trainers and I are so excited and proud of his success.  Way to go Norm!

If you need help with your own transformation don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  It is our mission in life to help people achieve their weight loss and bodyfat goals and help them embrace an active and healthy lifestyle forever….just like Norm did.  Click here for a complimentary fitness consultation.

Dedicated to your success,

John Heringer

P.S. As a long time San Jose personal trainer I know starting a fitness program can be tough and scary but it does not have to be.  We have a variety of fitness programs to cater to each individual’s needs, we always show exercise modifications so you can feel successful with your efforts and we definitely like to both start and end our workouts with lots of high fives and smiles. :-)  If this sounds like the positive energy you need in your fitness program then click here and let’s get started.


    • John Heringer on said:

      @Lisa, definitely. Norm should be very proud of his accomplishments. Thanks for commenting and supporting him!

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