San Jose Boot Camp Success Allison & Kenji

Consistent exercise and proper nutrition are not new concepts to Member Allison C. However, with a recent move to San Jose she had been having a tough time getting things dialed in.  The 6 Week Body Transformation was exactly what she needed….the nutrition and meal planning, extra accountability and of course a little friendly competition.  Her results? 17 lbs down, almost 6% bodyfat and she is now a lean, mean fightin’ machine. :-)  Check out her video below and be sure to leave her a comment at the end of the blog if it inspires you!

Member Kenji M. never thought that a San Jose boot camp was what he needed to light his fire and inner drive to take control of his health and fitness.  However, just remember that not all boot camps are created equal. :-)  At Fast Action Training he received the guidance, support and accountability he needed to be successful.  Before our 6 Week BTC, Kenji was sedentary, hated working out, was bored with exercises, etc.  Fast forward and after losing 21 lbs, over 4% bodyfat and 15 inches he is more motivated than ever and actually looks forward to his workouts!  Check out Kenji’s video below and show some love in the comment section if it inspires and motivates you. :-)

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John Heringer

P.S. As a long time San Jose boot camp instructor I know starting a fitness program can be tough and scary but it does not have to be.  We have a variety of fitness programs to cater to each individual’s needs, we always show exercise modifications so you can feel successful with your efforts and we definitely like to both start and end our workouts with lots of high fives and smiles. :-)  If this sounds like the positive energy you need in your fitness program then click here and let’s get started.


  1. julie Miller on said:

    WOW that’s awesome!! So happy for you both & nothing but best wishes for your future…. You guys are what they’re in it for, changing lives one person at a time, or this time 2 people.

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