How my Mom changed my life

Hey there!  John here and I’m excited to share a story that some may not know.  Mother’s Day is coming up and I thought this was a great time to reflect on how my Mom inspired me to make one of the biggest decisions of my life.  How it altered my course forever and led to where I am today.  I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear how YOUR Mom has impacted your life.

Starting in high school I decided I was going to be a lawyer.  Not just any lawyer though.  I had my eye on International Corporate Law to be exact as I had a love for Spanish and wanted to utilize it in my profession.  I worked my butt off and was able to get in to UC Santa Barbara.  Then began my college career, majoring in Political Science, minoring in Spanish and still on my quest to become a corporate attorney.  Now contrary to popular belief  (and pay no mind to my friends from UCSB) I did study quite a bit because I knew grades would be important.

Fast forward to senior year.  I stayed on the same path and went through LSAT prep (the big test for law school admission).  I studied like crazy and then took the LSAT.  I did well enough to apply for and ultimately get accepted into a few schools.

But something was wrong.  Something didn’t feel right.

You see the whole time I was at UCSB I also took courses in Human Physiology, Nutrition, Anatomy, Kinesiology, and more.  Not because I had to, but because I loved it.

It was at this time that I had an epiphany.  After all of the work, studying, tests and applications I simply could not envision myself in the profession of law for the next 30 years…..but I could envision myself in the fitness industry.

So I did what any kid would do….I called my Mom. :-) The conversation went a little something like this:

I gave her the 60 minute story of where I was at and that I was confused…. and she asked me one simple but powerful question

Mom: “What does your heart tell you to do?”

Me:  “That fitness is my passion and that it is my calling. ”

Mom: “Ok, go do that then.”

Me: “But Mom, what about all of my education? What about what you and Dad have invested in my future? What if it doesn’t work out?

Mom: “John, you’re young, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.  Your father and I just want you to be happy.  Follow your heart and if your path changes direction worry about it then.”

It was as if this huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders.  I began to dream big… About the impact I would have in the fitness industry, the lives I would change and how I would make the world a better place before I left it.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m living my passion and my dream.  I live in a beautiful area, I have an amazing wife and Mom to our rad son, Jaxson.  I have an incredible fitness business with an inspiring team who believe in our vision.  I have loyal members who took a chance on a kid because they believed in me, the results I would help them achieve, and in the vision of F.A.T.  We have impacted innumerable lives and continue to make an impact in the world and make it a more fit and positive place.

And it all started with that one conversation with Mom.

My Mom just turned 60 last month and I was able to share this story with her at her birthday dinner.  She was in tears and had no idea of the impact of that conversation.  I thought I had told her before but I don’t think I really painted the entire picture and shared the entire story.  I was so glad I did.

What makes this even more meaningful is seeing my wife Sara in her daily interactions with our son Jaxson as we get ready to celebrate her 1st Mother’s Day.  Moms give so much of themselves without asking for anything in return.  Their jobs really are 24/7.

When was the last time you thought about the ways your Mom has impacted your life?  When was the last time you told her?

Go tell your Mom you love her today and why.

And to the Moms in my life:

Mom: I love you for everything you have done for me, for what you have sacrificed for me and for inspiring me to follow my heart.

Sara: I love you for you.  For the beautiful woman you are inside and out.  For how you take care of Jaxson and I and how you give of yourself so freely and selflessly day in and day out.  And for how you continue to believe in me and support me in my dreams and vision to make the world a better place.

Till next time everyone.

Much love to you and yours this Mother’s Day,



  1. John, that is an awesome conversation between you and your mom. Nearly put me to tears as well. After all, moms really want their children to be happy and we know that if you are happy in your career you’ll never work a day in your life.

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Terri, glad you enjoyed it. And so true. I love getting up each and every day and helping people be the best versions of themselves they can be. Cheers.

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Dr. Jenn, you are very welcome for the mid-morning cry, lol! Those are good from time to time. And showing your gratitude is so important, kudos to you and your Mom! :-)

  2. Vicki Inouye on said:

    Wow John! Really brings things into perspective about following your heart! Terri is so right, we just want our kids to be happy whatever they choose. Thank you for sharing and creating FAT! You’re Mom is a wise woman:)

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Vicki I agree, she’s very wise! And thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to share FAT! :-)

  3. Coleen Danaher on said:

    John, thank you for sharing. My mother passed away when I was just 13, some 30and I often wonder how she would have

  4. coleen danaher on said:

    sorry I posted before I was finished. 30 plus years after my mom passed away I still am influenced by her. Often wonder what additional aspects of my current life would have been touched by her. Thank you for sharing. Thank you all the mother’s out there.

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Coleen wow. Thank you for sharing. That must have been and still be tough around this time of year. I’m sure there are many aspects of your life she continues to be touched by.

  5. Brittany Hester on said:

    That is a great story! My story is similiar, as my mom has always been the biggest cheerleader in my life. As I am on this journey of figuring out what makes me happy and what stirs my heeart my mom has always given me her love, support and encouragement. Isn’t having mom’s like this the best blessing? I am so encouraged by your story. Thank you for taking the time to write it and thank you wonderful Mom’s for being so incredible!

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Brittany thanks! We all need cheerleaders in our lives and yes it is the best blessing one can ask for. Looking forward to connecting soon and flushing out more of your new journey! :-)

  6. Ginna Traina on said:

    Thanks for sharing John! Sara is an awesome mom. My mom was always in great shape even 8 kids later and lord knows how many grand and great grand children. She worked out or golfed almost right up until she passed away at 89. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women out there loving on their kids and making time to maintain their own health!

    • John Heringer on said:

      @Ginna you are very welcome, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! Your Mom was a rockstar! And I agree Sara is a pretty awesome Mom to boot. Happy Mother’s Day to you and Miss Anna! :-)

  7. Julie Miller on said:

    You’re mom did a great job raising her kids!! Great advice…
    You’re very lucky to have a mom like her :0)

  8. Sharon Miller on said:

    Beautiful….encouraging words from your mom, priceless ,and so important….Moms can make all the difference… Happy Mothers Day, to all of us F.a.t Moms!!!

  9. Grace yang on said:

    Very touching story, John. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day with your mom. She must love you so much to inspire you to become the person that you are today.

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